El Cabito, perched on a sea cliff overlooking Rincon Bay, is one of the few places in Las Galeras located directly on the ocean. At El Cabito you can explore all the area has to offer and experience the rich abundance of nature’s sights and sounds.


The Samana Peninsula is famous for its majestic natural environment and at El Cabito you have a ringside seat. Whale watching is a favorite activity as 1500 humpback whales pass by the doorstep from January to March on their way to Samana Bay. Within a five-minute walk from El Cabito you can explore a cave, take a refreshing dip in the rock pools, scale a volcanic cliff face and follow the protected path to Playa Madama along the sea.


El Cabito is close to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. But there is a lot more to discover: lush flora and fauna, geological points of interest, traces of the ancient culture of the Taino Indians and the folklore of the pirates of the Caribbean.

El Cabito has its very own Boca Del Diablo or mouth of the devil. Ocean waves push air and water through cracks in the cliff and depending on the mood of the sea it sounds like the earth is breathing or the devil has been disturbed. Thrill-seekers will relish the chance to jump off the cliff from El Cabito. Fishermen can drop a line and try their luck at landing a fish.

Whale watching

El Cabito was developed in conjunction with the local people. We have planted fruit trees in accordance with local knowledge, which is partly based on bio-dynamic gardening. Noni grows wild at El Cabito and has been proven to reduce tumors and is trumpeted by many as beneficial for many other ailments.

Rancheta in red

El Cabito is Spanish for „small cape“ and is located between Las Galeras and Cabo Samana, perched above the 30-feet tall cliffs. It is situated next to a protected area and the closest beach is about 15 minutes on foot.
El Cabito is located about 3 km outside of Las Galeras.
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El Cabito is currently looking for a good cook with experience at working in a small rustic kitchen, and fluent in Spanish.
Don't pass up this rare opportunity to work in a tropical environment, surrounded by nature. Las Galeras and the surrounding hills are considered one of the most beautiful and authentic places in the Caribbean!

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