Playa PlayitaFishingLas Galeras is a haven for independent-minded visitors with a desire to experience the awe-inspiring joys of nature and the authentic Dominican lifestyle. The Samana Peninsula was an island until about 150 years ago and the narrow channel between the mainland and Samana provided a safe haven for pirates. Although now connected by road, Samana has been spared the ills of mass tourism. It is a place that will ignite your pirate spirit. Arrrrr... mateys!

Climbing for coconutsFarming and fishing provide the major livelihoods in Las Galeras. The principles of companion planting, handed down from the Taino are still practiced. Squash, yucca, sweet potatoes and other root vegetables planted between rows of corn. Learn about the many different types of bananas and how to tell the difference between a banana and a plantain. If you are game, you can even learn to climb a coconut tree and never have to worry about carrying a water bottle. Also, If you like the adventure of cliff jumping, you can do it right here at El Cabito.

El ValleFishFishermen sell their daily catch and you can buy popular seafood like grouper, red snapper, dorado, conch, squid, octopus, shrimp and lobster. It is possible to arrange deep-sea fishing in the 6000-foot deep coastal waters. For a once in a lifetime experience, why not try fishing with a local in a dug-out canoe? Without leaving the comforts of El Cabito, you can drop a line over the cliff and see what you can hook.

Riding donkeysBaseballYou can rent bicycles, motor bikes, quads and cars to explore the waterfalls, blowholes and other areas of interest on the peninsula. There are a number of excursions and tours available and we can recommend the best ones. Most beaches can also be visited by boat. One of the most popular swimming beaches is within walking distance of El Cabito.

ZebrafalterNoniIf you have a hobby or area of particular interest (cooking, medicinal plants, caves, butterflies, local music and dance, art and crafts, tropical gardening) please let us know in advance and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Whale Watching

Whale Watching

Between January and March over 1000 Humpback whales gather in the bay of Samana to mate. An unforgettable spectacle to watch the whales especially when the males sue for a female by jumping out of the water.

You can watch the whales from our restaurant without getting seasick. Enjoy the spectacle while having lunch or a cool drink. If you prefer to go whale watching by boat, we recommend a tour with Kim of Victoria Marine, who is considered the best guide with over 20 years of experience in whale watching and protection.

Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping

Adventurers can take the plunge from our 14 m high cliff and be inducted into El Cabito’s Hall of Fame.

Send us your photos or videos!

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El Cabito Cliff Jumping Hall of Fame:

  • Sharon, Pania & Shane
  • Dany
  • Taylor
  • Miguel
  • Aaron & Bruder

Diving and Snorkelling

Diving and Snorkelling

Cabo Cabron is one of the best dive sites on the North Coast where you can see world-class coral reefs, dive in an underwater cave, or explore a wreck. You can also snorkel the reefs from the beach.

There are two dive schools offering dives and courses from beginner to Dive Master. For further information about diving in and around Las Galeras, check out Las Galeras Divers.



Lovely Playa Fronton, just minutes from Las Galeras, is the setting for one of the most beautiful rock climbing spots in the Dominican Republic. There are currently 13 routes that offer different levels of difficulty in climbing the 300 foot wall, and more are being planned.

El Cabito would be pleased to welcome climbers who would like to climb and help develop the area.

A first impression is given by the following article: The Stairway to Heaven

More info at: or contact Wladir Hermon.



El Cabito is an ideal base for various hikes and we provide experienced guides. Please also read about hiking in El Cabito Tours.

An adjacent nature reserve provides access to Playa Madama and Playa Fronton, both of which have retained their original charm because they are accessible only by boat, foot, or on horseback. These and other area beaches rank amongst the most beautiful in the Caribbean.

Other possible hikes lead to stunning viewpoints and small, colorful villages. Visit a country home enclosed in an exuberant tropical garden. Attend a local baseball game. Search for Taino Indian artifacts or treasure hidden by pirates years ago. Explore the bat caves and cliffs near Boca del Diablo. Learn about traditional medicinal plants and local food crops and fauna.

Another option is two days with an overnight stay at a beach, on a plantation or in the wild. 

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a popular way to see the countryside and to discover secluded beaches which are only accessible by boat, horse or on foot.

Boat Tours

Boat Tours

There are boat tours to various area beaches including 4 km long Playa Rincon.

Fish in the shallows or deep sea fish at about 6000 feet just 2 km from shore.

There are also trips to snorkel and dive sites.

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